One survey, different topics

The Digital Inclusion by Design Index offers you insights into your performance in various areas that could induce stress in the end users of your digital product or service.


The Digital Inclusion by Design Index needs input from various sources of expertise within your company. This means that colleagues from different departments should be involved. The survey can be filled in by a group, shared and saved.

Save progress for later

You can always pause the survey and come back to it later to continue where you left off.

Actionable results

At the end of the survey, you will receive a report detailing the areas where your digital product or service is already digitally inclusive, and the areas where you are not digitally inclusive yet.

Start the assessment

By clicking on the button below, you can start the assessment and find out how digitally inclusive your digital product or service is.

Why is digital inclusion so important?

Almost one in two Belgians is at risk of digital exclusion. In our increasingly digital society, this is unacceptable. Digital inclusion offers people the opportunity to keep up, thanks to organizations who actively commit to making their digital products or services more inclusive.

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